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Loans - Latest Articles
Before You Borrow

      The best decision we can make as good stewards of God's money is to never owe money. But there may be cases where there's no other way out, and securing a bank loan may be our last resort, looking toward the time when it is no longer necessary. Read more...

Debt Consolidation Fraud and Scams

      When your bills become unmanageable, a business that offers help in solving debt problems may seem like a good solution. Be careful. Check them out with your local consumer protection agency or the BBB before you do business with any company. Read more...

Loan and Debt Consolidation

      Be cautious of debt consolidation plans. A debt consolidation loan is a single loan, such as a home equity loan or the refinancing of an existing loan, used to pay off multiple debts, such as credit card bills, but are these a good idea? Read more...

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